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How Many Mils is Your Coating?

From the job shop to the robotic assembly floor, it is vital that the product be made well and correctly coated for protection, aesthetics, and performance. Industries like automotive, aerospace, and those utilizing plating, anodizing, powder coating or other coatings need accurate coating thickness measurement. This is particularly important when the coatings play a critical role in preventing the corrosion or wear of metal substrates.



Barriers to Optimization and How to Overcome Them

Full-scale HVAC optimization typically reduces energy usage and costs by 20 to 40 percent, improves system reliability by operating equipment more efficiently and at optimal temperatures, ensures consistently healthy air quality and building comfort, and reduces a building’s carbon footprint.


Energy Efficiency

Achieving Energy Efficiency Through Eco Obsolete Technology

Improving energy efficiency is a common objective of manufacturers, with many joining the U.S Department of Energy’s (DOE) Better Plants program. As a voluntary partnership initiative to promote energy efficiency in manufacturing facilities, the scheme’s partners commit to long-term energy efficiency goals – typically 25 per cent savings over a span of ten years.



The Benefits of Flexible Shafts in Industrial Drain Cleaning

In homes, small businesses, and large industrial settings, plumbing systems and drains need cleaning. In many of these settings drain cleaning consists of pouring chemicals down the pipes every few years. In other places and businesses, drain cleaning is a much more substantial job.



Big Data, or Just Data?

Almost 20 years after the phrase big data was coined, manufacturers have come to realize that the secret to getting the most out of big data isn’t quantity, but quality. By ensuring that the data collected and the analytics performed align closely with the company’s objectives, businesses can improve their operations and remain competitive.



Protect Your Patients and Floors with Entrance Matting

As healthcare facilities strive to maintain, improve and protect the health and safety of its patients, visitors and staff, a great deal of pressure rests on the environmental services teams’ shoulders. While these individuals do not provide direct patient care, they are responsible for such critical tasks as fighting infection-causing pathogens, using proper cleaning chemicals, and ensuring overall facility safety.



Soundproofing Is Essential When Big Construction Projects Escalate Neighborhood Noise

Whether for airport expansion, stadium construction, or mixed-use property development, on big construction projects the noise from heavy equipment can disturb neighborhood homes and businesses for years – only to be replaced by increased air, vehicular and visitor traffic once it is completed.



The Right Commercial Door Makes All the Difference

While the obvious use may be in areas such as loading docks, commercial doors serve a variety of purposes in both healthcare and education settings, including sports facilities, security checkpoints and areas that cannot risk exposure to cross-contaminants.


Energy Savings

Maximizing Energy Savings with Monitoring-Based Commissioning

Instead of reacting to maintenance issues for systems like HVAC, Compressed Air, Chilled Water, Boilers, and more, many facilities are now introducing Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx) to create a more proactive approach that keeps their buildings and equipment operating like new, minimizing maintenance costs and maximizing energy savings, and ensures the occupants are comfortable.


Smart Restroom

What Smart Restroom Data Will Tell You About Your Venue Efficiency

Like so much else in today’s world, advances in data gathering and business intelligence software offer significant opportunities to improve the public washroom guest experience. Smart Restroom solutions built on a foundation of sensor-based data collection and analytics software is vaulting the public washroom experience from the Dark Ages to the 21st Century – and the change is as dramatic and welcome to guests and facility managers around the world.