FM Articles


Energy Efficiency Programs Create Edge for SCC

Schaumburg Corporate Center has long been a customer of Siemens, partnering over the years to maintain and upgrade its building automation systems, building controls, and to implement energy-savings strategies. Siemens and SCC embarked on a utility-funded Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx) program designed to promote energy efficiency.


School District

Carrier Delivers Peace of Mind to School District

Of all the challenges facing the San Bernardino City Unified School District to re-open their 72 sites post-COVID-19, none were more important than delivering a high degree of IAQ and promoting a safer environment for everyone entering each building. This meant efficiently mitigating airborne particles by increasing air changes per hour in each occupied space.



Condeco Helps Ricoh Embrace Flexible Workspaces

Ricoh’s Asia Pacific headquarters was moving to a new location and wanted a more flexible working mode. The company planned to reduce the number of desk spaces; instead of every employee having their own desk space, the company wanted to adopt a shared workstation policy. Ricoh turned to Condeco’s workspace booking solution to support their new plans.



Where Lighting Is No Lost Art

Mattatuck Museum is prominently located on the main green in downtown Waterbury, Conn., and has been exhibiting American art and cultural history for more than a century. Its home is a regional attraction for showcasing artistic masterpieces by Connecticut’s favorite artists. But the arts center hadn’t undergone a significant renovation in more than 30 years – and it showed.


Scranton Products

University Gets Results with Scranton Products

University of Tennessee’s Thompson-Boling Assembly Center has been home to eight NCAA Lady Vols championship teams over the years. To assure a pleasant behind-the-scenes experience, the school recently expanded the facility’s restrooms with two innovative lines from Scranton Products, an industry leader in plastic bathroom partitions and lockers.


Smoke Detection

Honeywell’s Smoke Detection Safeguards Structures

Landmarks aren’t spared the risks of and potential damage caused by fire. This means many of the world’s historic, cultural and architectural treasures – such as cathedrals, museums and capitol buildings – are at risk of being damaged, forever lost to fire. Society must do all that it can to protect and preserve them. Honeywell provides an advanced solution.



Fixtures Provide Hospital With COVID Disinfection

With commercial facilities taking precautions against Covid-19 as never before, an effective new tool in their arsenal is a new type of “germicidal” LED fixture. This specialized LED fixture draws in air and irradiates it with UV light. Union Health, an integrated health system in Indiana, installed 48 of the UVC LED light fixtures developed by Energy Harness last year at its facilities.


Turnkey Chiller

Carrier’s Turnkey Chiller Delivers Efficiency

The Cherokee Nation W.W. Hastings Hospital is a 150,000 square foot facility. Over the years, patient visits have grown from 60,000 to 400,000 per year, with an attendant increase in staffing numbers. Heat generated from advanced healthcare equipment has added to the cooling demand. Carrier provided a solution to the increasing chiller requirements.



Acoustic Blankets Reduce Chiller Noise

Just as thermal insulation keeps in heat, acoustic insulation blankets keep in sound. Just covering a compressor isn’t enough to reduce chiller noise unless an insulation maker also pays attention to equipment geometry. The State University of New York at Oneonta learned about the benefits of covering compressors thanks to Shannon Global Energy Solutions.


Cooling Tower

Scottish Rite Center Sizes Up Cooling Tower Options

The Scottish Rite Center in Wichita, Kansas recently ran into a common problem with its metal cooling tower that supported the HVAC system – it had completely rusted-out. When TempleLive took over the facility, the company was determined to make it a premier venue. Part of that strategy was to preserve the facility’s architectural elegance from all sides.