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Scranton Products

University Gets Results with Scranton Products

University of Tennessee’s Thompson-Boling Assembly Center has been home to eight NCAA Lady Vols championship teams over the years. To assure a pleasant behind-the-scenes experience, the school recently expanded the facility’s restrooms with two innovative lines from Scranton Products, an industry leader in plastic bathroom partitions and lockers.


Smoke Detection

Honeywell’s Smoke Detection Safeguards Structures

Landmarks aren’t spared the risks of and potential damage caused by fire. This means many of the world’s historic, cultural and architectural treasures – such as cathedrals, museums and capitol buildings – are at risk of being damaged, forever lost to fire. Society must do all that it can to protect and preserve them. Honeywell provides an advanced solution.



Fixtures Provide Hospital With COVID Disinfection

With commercial facilities taking precautions against Covid-19 as never before, an effective new tool in their arsenal is a new type of “germicidal” LED fixture. This specialized LED fixture draws in air and irradiates it with UV light. Union Health, an integrated health system in Indiana, installed 48 of the UVC LED light fixtures developed by Energy Harness last year at its facilities.


Turnkey Chiller

Carrier’s Turnkey Chiller Delivers Efficiency

The Cherokee Nation W.W. Hastings Hospital is a 150,000 square foot facility. Over the years, patient visits have grown from 60,000 to 400,000 per year, with an attendant increase in staffing numbers. Heat generated from advanced healthcare equipment has added to the cooling demand. Carrier provided a solution to the increasing chiller requirements.



Acoustic Blankets Reduce Chiller Noise

Just as thermal insulation keeps in heat, acoustic insulation blankets keep in sound. Just covering a compressor isn’t enough to reduce chiller noise unless an insulation maker also pays attention to equipment geometry. The State University of New York at Oneonta learned about the benefits of covering compressors thanks to Shannon Global Energy Solutions.


Cooling Tower

Scottish Rite Center Sizes Up Cooling Tower Options

The Scottish Rite Center in Wichita, Kansas recently ran into a common problem with its metal cooling tower that supported the HVAC system – it had completely rusted-out. When TempleLive took over the facility, the company was determined to make it a premier venue. Part of that strategy was to preserve the facility’s architectural elegance from all sides.



SubAir Puts Hydronics in Play at Soccer Stadium

When the defending MLS Cup champion Columbus Crew SC opens its new downtown stadium and training complex this summer, they are sure to be the envy of Major League Soccer franchises everywhere. The stadium will have first-in-class amenities and training facilities for its athletes, and will also have the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology in its field.


Mount Vernon

Carrier Safeguards Papers at Mount Vernon

The Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington was built in 2010-2013 to extend education about Washington’s life. The designers anticipated that the library would require a state of the art HVAC system in order to protect the thousands of eighteenth and nineteenth century books and papers in the collection. Carrier provided a solution.


Security Systems

Technology Integrators Merge IT With Security Systems

Traditionally, security systems were installed as independent systems by security integrators. However, the continuing advancement of IP-based technology now place that task squarely at the feet of technology integrators with an extensive knowledge and background in IT. BTI Communications Group is an integrator that provided a needed upgrade solution.



Insulfoam Insulation Reaches New Heights

When ground broke at the Pikes Peak Summit Complex Project the general contractor was immediately met with a wave of design challenges, from treacherous weather to complicated logistics. Knowing that a lot would be asked of the new Summit House’s exterior, the producer of the precast wall panels selected EPS insulation from Insulfoam to satisfy the project’s requirements.