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Expanded Technologies Introduces Wobble Chair Floor Savers®


Expanded Technologies is pleased to announce a new addition to their line of Floor Savers® designed to eliminate noise and floor damage caused by wobble chairs. Wobble Chair Floor Savers® are manufactured from soft, flexible, ultra-durable material. They adhere quickly and securely to the bottom of the chairs, which are often used in classrooms with young children to help keep them focused. The peel and stick pads are attached to the bottom of any wobble chair to prevent scratches and reduce noise on VCT, LVT, or hardwood floors.

“Wobble style chairs are becoming increasingly popular in schools throughout the U.S., used to help students focus during class,” says Bret Bushey, vice president at Expanded Technologies. “We found that these chairs grind dust and debris into the floor, leading to deep scratches and other floor damage. Our new Floor Savers® were developed to prevent this damage and preserve the floor’s finish, reducing maintenance costs in the classroom. They have the added benefit of reducing the noise the chairs make when they are in use.”

Floor Savers® are used throughout schools to reduce maintenance costs and improve the learning environment. Ideal for classrooms, gymnasiums, computer labs, and cafeterias, Floor Savers® can save up to $8 per square foot every year while lowering noise levels dramatically.

Wobble Chair Floor Savers® are available now through authorized distributors.

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