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Reducing Maintenance Costs With Furniture Floor Protection


One of the simplest and most cost effective ways to protect floors and decrease maintenance expenses is installing floor protectors on furniture to guard the floors against damage from the legs scratching the surfaces. Maintenance costs decrease as much as 50% simply by added floor protectors to any part of the furniture that comes in contact with the floors.

Floor protectors come in many shapes, types, and sizes to accommodate different kinds of furniture legs and floor materials. Specialty products even exist for vending machine legs, wobble chairs (commonly found in elementary schools), music stands, and caster wheel office chairs. However, not all floor protection solutions are created equal. Look for products that use reinforced felt pads designed specially for use in floor protection applications, and ones that use a commercial grade pressure sensitive adhesive or mechanical fastening method. Mechanical fastening through the use of sleeves or snap-in-place systems is the most reliable way of ensuring that floor protectors don’t fall off before they wear out.

These are products dedicated to solving problems commonly associated with floor protection. They also reduce noise, as squeaking and scraping completely disappear. Carpet snags are eliminated with sliders placed under furniture legs on carpets. The need for furniture maintenance is minimized, as the floor protectors also reduce stress on joints and allow furniture to be moved easily, reducing injuries caused by moving heavy or bulky furniture.

FurnitureHard Flooring Protection
Maintaining floors in educational and medical facilities can be a challenge. Floor finish will only handle so much abuse before it breaks down from repeated contact with chairs and desks. Once this happens, permanent damage will occur until a new coat of finish is applied. This process is expensive and labor intensive. It can quickly use up budgets and staff hours. Plus, with the rise in popularity of LVT and LVP flooring types that do not utilize a protective finish, it is more important than ever to keep furniture from damaging floors from the time they are installed.

Studies on floor protection products for furniture legs have shown that they can lower maintenance expenses up to $8 per square foot annually. By eliminating scratching and damage at the source, coatings will last longer, and floors will need to be refinished less often. Adding floor protectors to furniture can free up resources to handle additional maintenance projects.

Schools and hospitals can also benefit from the significant reduction in noise with felt tipped floor protectors. The reinforced felt bottom not only prevents excessive wear and tear on the floor and furniture, but it also dampens noise to promote a quieter environment, more conducive to learning for students and healing for patients. Noise reduction has proven especially beneficial in classrooms used by children with sensory processing disorders. Teachers of students who are overly sensitive to noise have seen significant improvements in the classroom experience after felt floor protectors are installed under desks.

Carpet Protection
Hard flooring isn’t the only surface that experiences damage from furniture. Waiting rooms, conference rooms, or other meeting spaces often feature carpeting that can easily suffer from snags, tears, or scuffs. Fixing carpet damage or replacing entire sections of carpet can be prohibitively expensive.


Carpet sliders are designed to help move furniture easily while eliminating damage to carpeting. Featuring polymer disc tips, they adhere to different types of furniture with padded peel and stick backs or flexible sleeves, and they allow frequent room rearrangements without tears or snags. These sliders will reduce the time required to set up for events or gatherings and minimize spending on carpet repair and replacement. They also greatly increase the speed at which maintenance crews can move large, bulky banks of chairs in order to vacuum floors and clean rooms.

Floor protection products are worth looking into, no matter what type of facility you manage. From cafeterias to computer labs to classrooms, there are simple solutions to help lower maintenance costs and keep your floors problem free.

Bret Bushey is the vice president of Expanded Technologies. For over thirty years, Expanded Technologies has produced floor, furniture, and surface protectors for hotels, schools, restaurants, hospitals, homes, offices, and more. Visit for more information about their products, which include Floor Savers®, sliders, and pads.