Products in Action

Inspection Camera

Electric Eel eCAM Pro 2 Pipeline Inspection Camera Adds NEW Standard Feature

The eCAM Pro 2 Pipeline Inspection Camera System is the latest and greatest in pipeline inspection cameras by Electric Eel. A new built-in battery cradle is now standard and will accept a Milwaukee M18 or equivalent battery. This allows for operation in remote locations or anywhere electricity is not available. This new feature will now be standard on all eCAM units.


Digital Voltage Phasing Meter

Cementex Announces New Digital Voltage Phasing Meter Set

Cementex, the safety tool specialists, announces the new Digital Voltage Phasing Meter Set, ideal for measuring overhead and underground voltages. The new Digital Voltage Phasing Meter Set handles 0–40 kilovolts (kV) and can be used on higher voltages up to 240 kV if used with additional pairs of extension resistors. The device automatically adjusts the voltage display to match resistors if used.



Snake-Oil Classic from General Pipe Cleaners Preserves & Protects Cables & Equipment

Savvy professionals call it the dependable way to preserve and protect sewer cables from rust. Now original Snake-Oil from General Pipe Cleaners is back! Now called Snake-Oil Classic, it’s better than common lubricants. General’s special rust inhibitor cuts through moisture – and replaces it with a rust resistant coating.



STI’s No Touch Button Prevents the Spread of Germs

No hand sanitizer, no worries. STI announces their Universal Touch Free Button with NoTouch® technology helps eliminate the spread of germs in medical facilities or any public building with high traffic areas. To exit, a person must simply wave their hand in front of the device. The infrared will recognize the motion and unlatch the time adjustable door.



Quest Controls Moves to the Next Level with OspreyFMS® 4.0 Release

Quest Controls, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of OspreyFMS 4.0, the premier platform for integrating monitoring and control systems into a unified IIoT interface. Version 4.0 is a new platform with a new back-end and fr­ont-end built from the ground up for unparalleled responsiveness and flexibility in graphics, dashboards, reports, data retrieval and redundancy.


Transfer Switch

Russelectric Announces New RTSCD Commercial Duty Transfer Switch

Russelectric, a leading manufacturer of power control systems and automatic transfer switches, announces its new RTSCD commercial duty transfer switch, a cost-effective option ideal for commercial spaces. Educational campuses, high-rise complexes, industrial plants, and manufacturing facilities can rely on the RTSCD to provide emergency power needed to keep critical operations online.


Smoke Detectors

STI’s Wire Guards Help Prevent Vandalism and Damage to Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are critical to our safety and the safety of others around us. That’s why keeping them operational and protecting them from vandalism and accidental damage is important. STI’s heavy-duty 9-gauge Steel Web Stoppers® are constructed with corrosion resistant polyester coating and help protect smoke detectors where abuse is severe.



Baltimore Aircoil Company Announces HXV Hybrid Cooler

Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) is proud to introduce the HXV Hybrid Cooler, which offers the best of both evaporative and dry cooling in a water saving and energy-efficient solution. The HXV is ideal for maintaining peak performance for a variety of applications where water is scarce, water costs are high, uptime is critical, or plume is a concern.


Water Heating

A. O. Smith Revolutionizes Tankless Water Heating with Next Generation X3 Technology

A. O. Smith, a leader in water heating and treatment, has combined its two areas of expertise to launch a new residential gas tankless product line with X3 Scale Prevention Technology. This new feature extends the life of the unit three times longer than traditional tankless, making it the first tankless product that maintains “like-new” performance without requiring regular scale-related maintenance.



Baltimore Aircoil Company Offers Expanded Line of TrilliumSeries Adiabatic Products

Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) is proud to introduce an expansion to its TrilliumSeries Adiabatic Products. The expanded offering includes fluid cooler models for low-charge refrigeration applications, and software enhancements for all models that optimize fan energy use based on system conditions.