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Want More Smart Buildings? Amp Up the Collaboration

Smart buildings have been a concept for decades. Sustainability thinkers have been advocating them for years, and they’re a hot topic in building trade publications. So why is it that the brightest thing about most buildings remains their always-on lights?



How Flooring Selection Impacts Maintenance Protocols

Flooring is a major investment in any facility – and with it comes the costs associated with maintaining it. From cleaning products and maintenance equipment to personnel salaries, flooring upkeep can quickly become a substantial operational outlay.


Emergency Lighting

Hidden Emergency Lighting Preserves Building Aesthetics While Meeting Code

While emergency lighting is critical to life safety and must function to code, no one wants to see the devices ruin the aesthetics of a building’s interiors. Industry professionals are increasingly keeping the lights hidden or camouflaged until needed to ensure it artfully blends in with its surroundings.


Healthcare Facilities

Benefits of LEDs and Controls in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and healthcare facilities utilize a significant amount of energy to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for patients, staff and visitors. To streamline efficiencies, reduce operating costs and increase revenue, many are making the switch to LED technologies.


Slip and Fall

Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents with Portable Friction Testing

For facility managers of malls, grocery stores, and other large commercial buildings, ensuring safety and preventing slip and fall litigation can come down to documenting that their walkway surfaces meet safe standards in terms of available traction, particularly when wet – when falls are more likely.



Saving Water by Reducing Energy Consumption in Your HVAC System

Most facility managers have no idea how much water they’re wasting through their HVAC systems. Fortunately, cutting this waste is a happy byproduct of optimizing HVAC systems to reduce energy consumption and costs. Improving the efficiency of a central plant’s HVAC system, including automating components for real-time optimal performance, can cut chiller water use by thousands of gallons.



Long Live Privacy in Healthcare Facilities & Schools

As social networking, digital visibility and apps with location-based services become the norm, security pundits and researchers are questioning the relevancy of privacy. Jacob Morgan, Forbes contributor, puts it, “Privacy…everyone is talking about it and apparently everyone is concerned with it, but going forward does it even matter?”



“Crime Scene Investigator” Identifies Usual Suspects of Premature Transformer Failure

When it comes to big ticket items, power transformers come near the top of the list. So, when they fail prematurely, it is a painful experience with damages that can far exceed the cost of a replacement unit. These added expenses may include the loss of priceless production time, damaged credibility, or regulatory fines and civil lawsuits.


Air Cleaner

Facts vs. Fiction: How Much Do You Really Know About Your Air Cleaner?

People, including businesses, spend tens of millions of dollars worldwide, every year on air cleaning solutions, but many of them don’t know what they are actually buying and how effective their air filtration is for their specific needs.



What Facility Managers Need to Know About Norovirus

Many people are unaware of the fact that norovirus tends to be a seasonal disease – typically, the “season” for norovirus is from late October through May. Another thing many of us may be unaware of is that there are far more cases of norovirus on land than at sea.