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Carbon Emission Compliance – Creating an Individualized Roadmap With MBCx

Multiple states across the U.S. are making a concerted effort to address climate change by minimizing carbon emissions through strict, fine-enforced limits. Buildings, specifically those in the commercial and residential sectors, have come under intense scrutiny for their high emission rates which account for approximately 39% of all carbon emissions in the U.S.



Exploring the New Normal for IT, Post-Coronavirus

As the more immediate impact of mandated shutdowns, employee layoffs and shelter-in-place orders begin to shift to the longer-term goals of recovering from the economic impact, companies will be forced to re-evaluate the role of Information Technology (IT).



Preparing Your Facility for the Winter With CMMS Software

COVID-19 has had major impacts on businesses today. In preparing their facilities for the approaching cold weather, they now have additional responsibilities to endure to ensure that their facilities are properly sanitized and meeting new regulatory and safety guidelines. Winterizing equipment and facilities are just a few of the major tasks but having the right tools to help you manage these tasks is just as important.



Are We Over-Disinfecting?

In March of this year, facility managers throughout North America began purchasing as many sanitizers and disinfectants as possible. That’s when it became clear COVID-19 was invading our shores, with the possibility that hundreds if not thousands of people would become infected. We now know the situation, at least the U.S., is far worse than anyone could have imagined back in March.



How to Ramp Up Workplace Productivity With Lighting and Controls

When it comes to designing and constructing an office’s electrical lighting system, facility managers must realize that lighting is no longer about seeing or being decorative. Today, lighting is also about feeling, which directly impacts employees’ health, morale and productivity – all of which can significantly affect their work productivity and your company’s bottom line.


Autonomous Parking

High-Density Autonomous Parking Can Set Reliability Records

The ability of advanced automated parking systems to increase parking density by 200% to 300% compared to traditional parking structures in the same footprint has given developers a new tool to optimize building designs. These extremely space efficient systems could be particularly helpful when developing projects in high-cost, urban areas where available land is scarce.


Social Distancing

Driving Better Classroom Utilization Policies in an Era of Social Distancing

As colleges and universities barrel toward a fall semester where many institutions are unsure how to open while still maintaining proper precautions in the face of COVID-19, leaders are discussing space utilization. “Discussing” might be papering over the reality: These are heated debates between professionals facing an unprecedented crisis.


Parking Lot

How to Make Sure Your Parking Lot Is Ready for a Quick COVID-19 Transition

The ability to quickly transition and pivot during the pandemic has been key for many business owners across all U.S. industries struggling to weather the storm of COVID-19. In lieu of shutting their doors completely, facility managers have had to come up with new ways to utilize their spaces, including their parking lots.


Facilities Maintenance Program

The Prerequisites for Establishing A Bulletproof Facilities Maintenance Program

Establishing a Facilities Maintenance Program sounds intimidating. Even the name of the program is a mouthful, but it’s not an impossible task. It can be less than daunting, as long as you approach the program kickoff in a step-by-step method. You’ll be less likely to miss important basics, and more likely to encapsulate all of your Facilities Maintenance needs if you address your program logically.



Preparing Building Operations for the New Normal: Adjusting IAQ Practices

The novel COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the built environment as a whole, causing great disruption to how buildings previously managed their systems and operations. This new normal will cause building managers to follow stricter guidelines and safety measures and show occupants that safety and protection is of the utmost importance.