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Preventative Maintenance of Commercial Roofs

A roof left unchecked can cause a variety of problems, yet for some reason it is often ignored. Budget concerns are the most prevalent reason and often as weighty as the roof hanging over our heads. But the long-term cost of the roof can be dramatically lowered with preventative maintenance: Preventative maintenance is the key to both a healthy roof and a stable budget.



Why We Must Rethink Purchasing

When we purchase supplies, we may not be getting the best prices possible. Further, if a supplier is out of stock, we may have to go online searching for supplies, which, with COVID-19, can be frustrating and time-consuming. Additionally, we may be at the whim of the supplier—getting products delivered when they are available, waiting for others to come in, and paying more if they must be returned. The way to turn this around is to go from purchasing to procurement.



Pest Bird Management Strategies

There are approximately 10,000 species of birds on Earth, and most, rarely interact with urban structures. Overall, birds are considered beneficial species for numerous reasons including insect consumption, plant pollination and seed spreading, to name a few. Yet, there are some species of birds that are considered pests. This group of birds can adulterate food products, damage buildings, and pose public health safety issues.



The Changing Workplace in the New COVID-19 Era

While there’s a lot of speculation of how things will change in the post-COVID-19 era, there’s one thing that we can count on: the workplace is here to stay. Yet, the workplace of tomorrow doesn’t have to look like the office of yesterday. Many teams that previously worked 9 to 5 in the office will permanently change their approach when we emerge from COVID-19, having adapted to a new and better way of working.



University Labs: Eliminate Chemical Spill Risk with Sealed Transfer Pumps

As college enrollment in STEM programs continues to rise, improving safety in university labs will become critical. To keep students and faculty safe, follow Good Laboratory Practice guidelines and comply with regulations, now is the time for university labs to introduce new, safer chemical transfer methods that can virtually eliminate spill risk.



Need a Boost in Your LEED Rating? Install a Cool Roof

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification today is a badge of honor for engineers, builders and owners committed to sustainable building practices that promote energy efficiency. As the focus increases on green construction to address climate change, LEED certification is becoming the most widely used green building rating system in the world.



Designing an Innovative Workspace to Boost Productivity and Collaboration

Facilities managers are tasked with innovating a new type of workspace to meet the changing dynamics of the workplace. At schools, universities, hospitals and other institutions, facilities managers need to accommodate the new realities of flexible work arrangements, professionals who spend their time with the people they serve, and the temporary space needs of visiting healthcare professionals and others.


Water Filtration

Superior Water Filtration is Key to Protecting Power Generation Processes

For the power generation industry, including steam turbine, nuclear, and hydroelectric power plants, water filtration is required in many applications, such as boilers, turbines and cooling towers, and is essential for cooling. Therefore, good water filtration is critical to ensure safe, reliable production, extend equipment life, and increase the intervals between equipment cleaning or necessary maintenance.



Overcoming the Challenges of Open Shop Commissioning Projects

In recent years, the construction industry has experienced a myriad of changes ranging from tighter environmental and worker safety regulations to more complex demands from property owners. One constant however has been the heavy influence of union labor. Despite unions being engrained within the construction industry due to their expertise and qualifications, we’re now seeing a significant shift toward open-shop projects that incorporate non-union labor.



5 Ways Intelligent Lighting Brings the Industrial IoT (IIoT) to Facility Management

Whether a facility manufactures steel equipment, or stores frozen food, lighting is a critical part of running an efficient operation. With intelligent lighting working in tandem with lighting controls, facility managers have the ability to adjust light levels across specific workstations or areas, use daylight harvesting to harness ambient light to illuminate the facility, create customized schedules for when the lights should be on, and much more.