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Protect Equipment Against Heat Waves


Are your sensitive devices malfunctioning in extreme weather? One minute it’s chilly, the next there is a heat wave.

STI’s AC/heated enclosures and covers are the solution to temperamental weather conditions. The diverse line offers excellent ways to secure important equipment and electronics outdoors or in exposed environments such as warehouses, storage units and more.

While the weather fluctuates, temperature-controlled covers and enclosures keep the inside of the cabinet cool or warm, and more importantly, the appliance operational. They allow devices to be mounted in temperatures exceeding normal parameters or areas suffering from damaging temperature conditions. Help eliminate the expense of heating or cooling an entire warehouse or constructing a climate-controlled room for pull stations, keypads, control panels, electrical equipment, electronic systems and more with STI’s environmental enclosures.

To order or receive more sales information on the STI AC/Heated Enclosures, call 248.673.9898, email or visit STI’s address is: 2306 Airport Road, Waterford, MI 48327-1209.