Products in Action


Triplett Highlights IRTC400 Thermal Imaging Camera

Triplett Test Equipment highlights the IRTC400 Thermal Imaging Camera, ideal for finding leaks and hot spots in facility applications. The imager has a temperature range of -4 to 752°F, a built-in LED worklight, and user programmable audible and visual high/low temperature alarms, making the imager customizable and ready for use in any environment.


Stainless Steel

Quick Fitting Expands Stainless Steel Products

Quick Fitting, a leading manufacturer of quick connection technology for plumbing, electrical, industrial, municipal, and OEM applications, announces the expansion of its industry-leading stainless steel products. The products’ new larger sizes make them suitable for a variety of commercial capabilities and industrial applications.



’Tis the Season for Clogged Toilets

A house full of family and friends, a mountain of food on the table, football on the TV, and water running across the bathroom floor from a clogged toilet. ‘Tis the season. When you get the call, there’s nothing better to have in your truck for just this emergency than a closet auger.


Arc Rated

New Cementex Arc Rated Face Shields

Cementex, the safety tool specialists, highlights the Cementex 17 Cal/cm2 Arc Rated Face Shield (AFS-180) with hard hat. The AFS-180 features a molded shape to provide minimal distortion with exceptional Visible Light Transfer (VLT). This face shield will be included in the Category 2 Contractor, UltraLite and Feature Series PPE kits.


Cutting Tool

Ask the Drain Brains: Choosing the Right Cutting Tool for the Job

Choosing the right drain cleaning machine for the job is only half the battle. But if you don’t choose the right cutting tool as well, you’ll make the job twice as hard and take twice as long to get the job done. Choose the right tool and you’ll get the line clear the first time.


Acute Care

AD Systems Addresses Acute Care Setting Needs with DualSwing

AD Systems announces the launch of its newest product offering, DualSwing. Designed for use in acute care settings, the smoke-rated DualSwing door system features a large primary door and a smaller auxiliary leaf that can open to accommodate patient beds, CT scanners, MRI suites, Cath labs and other large equipment.


Building Security

How to Improve Building Security

STI’s line of Select-Alert sirens/strobes are a highly effective way to alert to unauthorized use, theft, or vandalism, as well as unwarranted exits and entries. The combination of alert and flashing LEDs offers excellent protection for a variety of urgent situations.


Starter Package

Carrier Offers Abound Starter Package

To ensure that building owners, facility managers and environment, health and safety (EHS) professionals understand the health of their indoor spaces, Carrier is offering the Abound Healthy Air Starter Package.



Ask the Drain Brains: How To Repair a Pipe Without Shutting Down the Whole Building

We had a lot of calls for broken water lines this past winter. It was a pain to my customers when the water had to be shut off each time we made a repair. Is there a better way?


Temperature Meter

Triplett Announces New Temperature Meter

Triplett Test Equipment, a leading maker of test equipment tools, announces the HS10 Heat Stress Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Meter, ideal for monitoring heat index levels at outdoor athletic training and events, construction, iron and steel foundries, brick firing plants, glass facilities, boiler rooms, and mining sites.