Products in Action

False Fire

How Can You Prevent False Fire Alarms?

Malicious false fire alarm calls are unacceptable and put fire personnel, security officers, and citizens at risk. A proactive approach is needed to help reduce false fire alarms – and sometimes completely eliminate them – and the answer is STI’s Universal Stopper® Low Profile protective cover.


Trailer Jet

General’s Typhoon® Trailer Jet Storms Through Big Line Clogs

Great for a wide range of heavy-duty plumbing, drain cleaning, maintenance, and rental applications, the Typhoon® trailer jet from General Pipe Cleaners blows away blockages in big lines and long runs.



The Future of Electric Scissor Lifts is Here

JLG Industries, Inc., elevates the access industry once again with its now available all-electric DaVinci AE1932 scissor lift. Featuring zero hydraulics to help eliminate job site leaks and zero emissions to help control job site pollution, this 19-ft scissor lift is purpose-built for applications where stringent environmental regulations must be met.



Ask the Drain Brains: How To Clear Grease Clogs – Fast!

Nothing clears a clog for good, but the best tool to clear grease clogs quickly and easily is a Water Jet. Grease sticks to the walls of a pipe. So, when your snake punches a hole in grease to get the water flowing, you haven’t really cleared the clog completely.



Options Added to A. O. Smith Mobile App

A. O. Smith, a leader in water heating and treatment, recently announced the launch of its newly upgraded A. O. Smith Mobile App, featuring demand response and time-of-use capabilities. The app allows service professionals and homeowners to remotely monitor and control their water heater to improve performance, increase savings and reduce downtime.



Ask the Drain Brains: Finding Water Leaks

A water leak in your building can be very costly. Yet even a very small leak can be found through trying a few simple techniques and can save you from a nasty surprise from your utility company. Here are a few steps you can do before calling a plumber. The more you do now, the less it will cost you in the long run!



Electric Eel eCAM Pipeline Inspection Camera Adds New Standard Feature

The compact eCAM Ace 100-Micro battery cradle accepts a Milwaukee M18 or equivalent battery. This new standard feature adds convenience for the operator and allows easy access to power for remote field work or where electricity is not available.


Tubular Covers

Dearborn® Safety Series ADA Compliant Lavatory Tubular Covers

Dearborn® Safety Series ADA Compliant Lavatory Tubular Covers are designed for under-lavatory exposed plumbing in bathrooms. The Universal Design securely covers brass and plastic tubular with and without cleanouts and accommodates both 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ tubular systems. The Dearborn® Safety Series features a form-fit design, making installation simple and fast.


Drain Cleaning

General’s Uni-Stand for Hand-Held Drain Cleaners Makes Drain Cleaning Easier

Save your arms – and make drain cleaning easier – with the new Uni-Stand from General Pipe Cleaners! Uni-Stand securely grips your hand-held drain cleaner when working under sinks, inside kitchen cabinets, and in other tight spaces.



ASSA ABLOY IP-Enabled IN Series Locks Now Available with Push-Button Keypad

ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in door opening solutions, is pleased to announce that its popular IP-enabled IN120 and IN220 Series locks are now available with an optional push-button keypad. With it, users can configure locks to support PIN only access or can harness additional security by taking advantage of dual authentication using a contactless credential or mobile device combined with a PIN.