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“Crime Scene Investigator” Identifies Usual Suspects of Premature Transformer Failure

When it comes to big ticket items, power transformers come near the top of the list. So, when they fail prematurely, it is a painful experience with damages that can far exceed the cost of a replacement unit. These added expenses may include the loss of priceless production time, damaged credibility, or regulatory fines and civil lawsuits.


Air Cleaner

Facts vs. Fiction: How Much Do You Really Know About Your Air Cleaner?

People, including businesses, spend tens of millions of dollars worldwide, every year on air cleaning solutions, but many of them don’t know what they are actually buying and how effective their air filtration is for their specific needs.



What Facility Managers Need to Know About Norovirus

Many people are unaware of the fact that norovirus tends to be a seasonal disease – typically, the “season” for norovirus is from late October through May. Another thing many of us may be unaware of is that there are far more cases of norovirus on land than at sea.



Reducing Facility Costs Through LED Lighting

Without a doubt, the maintenance and management of facilities can be pricey. It is important for managers to be more cognizant of their budgets, and search for options to help decrease costs. Out of these facility expenses, energy typically offers the most potential for reducing costs.



Fluorescent Lamp Recycling at Medical Centers

Everyday medical facilities face numerous compliance challenges from federal and local agencies all with an eye on patient and staff safety. As a result, the disposal of something as mundane as lighting, which can vary from room to room and floor to floor, is often overlooked.



Damage Free Sign Labels for Hospitals and Research Labs

Throughout hospitals and research labs, signs are used virtually everywhere, from the front door and patient rooms, to the OR and ER, to research and test areas, to the routes and maps for emergency exits. Signs are used in many ways, whether informal, formal, or mandated by law, and vital interim life safety signage can often be required.



Floor Care Maintenance: Fundamentals of a Finished Floor Care Program

Likely, the first thing someone sees when entering your facility are your floors, which, depending on how clean or dirty they look, can shape their perceptions of how clean and sanitary the entire building is. Floors that appear dirty, scuffed or dull can convey the impression that the facility’s cleanliness standards are lacking.



Disaster Recovery 101

In the aftermath of a disaster, business owners are understandably laser focused on one thing: getting back to normal. Unfortunately, few business owners know the best way to make that happen, and the restoration and recovery process can take more than time: it can also take a toll on your patience and your finances.



Ensuring Long-Term Smart Building Success with Lifecycle Services

Intelligent, connected buildings are no longer just a futuristic concept. From hospitals to schools to corporate headquarters, organizations around the world are undergoing digital transformations of their facilities to improve outcomes and drive value for building owners and occupants.



What New Moisture-Resistant Flooring Adhesives Mean for Your Next Job

Flooring adhesive manufacturers have been chasing the moisture-resistance levels that were possible with black cut-back adhesives for north of 35 years. We now have water-based adhesive technologies coming out that are meeting the level of moisture resistance, adhesion and quality comparable to the old black cut-back adhesives.