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New Signal Towers Brighter & Simpler

Signal tower lights play a critical role in protecting the safety of people and equipment in manufacturing and process control environments. They are relatively simple devices but they have been difficult to configure, order and stock because of different options to meet a wide range of applications. Now, ordering signal towers is much easier and fewer spare parts are needed.


Operations Optimization

How Facility Operations Optimization Delivers Value

Facility management has evolved to become much more than a practice for managing buildings and the infrastructure contained therein. They are expected to recommend, coordinate, and actively implement best practices. Facility operations optimization is one of the practices that FMs can utilize to enable them to make strategic and sustainable improvements in their facilities.



Flexible Openings Benefit Patients & Providers

Healthcare design can present difficult challenges to facility managers and architects alike. Not only does the building have to be accessible navigable, but it also has to accommodate the demands asked of medical professionals. One way for facility managers to help create a more supportive healthcare environment is to choose doors that benefit both patients and providers.



Four Deceptive Sustainability Myths

Sustainability is an important journey for all businesses to embark on yet many leaders are hesitant to begin, in part due to lack of clarity on how to start, but also because of different sustainability “myths” they’ve heard over the years. There are a number of assumptions, false beliefs or tidbits of misinformation about the cost, design and value of a sustainability program.



Safe & Secure With Fire-Rated Glazing

When architects use systems that incorporate compatible components, they know the multiple protective qualities of the glazing assemblies will function as intended in the field. Taking this approach can help any project that needs fire, forced entry and bullet resistance sideline potential complications during design and after installation.



Maintaining Evaporative Condenser Integrity

Evaporative condensers are an efficient and cost-effective heat rejection solution for various applications – food refrigeration, industrial machinery cooling, and HVAC. A comprehensive program of routine preventive maintenance will keep refrigeration systems performing at peak efficiency, maximize system operating life, and reduce unplanned downtime due to equipment failure.


Emergency Lighting

Tips for Choosing the Right Emergency Lighting

Imagine evacuating a facility in an emergency, only to find yourself surrounded by darkness and commotion. In such a situation, being in a familiar facility can still be dangerous. Having emergency lighting is essential for every commercial facility. It helps the staff calmly manage such situations and guides the people and emergency services to ensure safe evacuation.


Plant Maintenance

Plant Maintenance: Things You Should Not Avoid

No matter what size company you have or what industry you are in, maintenance is one of the most important tasks that needs to be done to keep your business operating at peak performance. Avoiding or putting off maintenance tasks eventually leads to production problems, expensive repairs, and extensive disruption to business operations.



How Technology Can Help Save Businesses $

The Farmers’ Almanac is predicting a frigid winter for 2022/2023. When these extremes occur, they are often a challenge for facilities. In this post covid world, however, the somewhat expected tribulations of inclement weather become even more complicated with the staffing shortages that businesses are struggling to overcome.



Keep Cold Winds at Bay

In facilities with high volumes of foot traffic, the constant opening and closing of doors not only lets in chilly air but can cause heating problems for the entire building. Vestibules, lobbies, entrance ways and hallways are frequently populated, so it’s imperative that facilities counteract the cold drafts left behind by those entering and leaving buildings.