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’Tis the Season for Clogged Toilets


A house full of family and friends, a mountain of food on the table, football on the TV, and water running across the bathroom floor from a clogged toilet. ‘Tis the season.

When you get the call, there’s nothing better to have in your truck for just this emergency than a closet auger. That’s because it’s the best tool for clearing clogged toilets. No other drain cleaning tool can get through and clear the toilet as quickly and as easily.

The spring is flexible enough to get through the tight bends in the bowl and either break up the clog or retrieve the obstruction (children’s toys, diapers, etc.). General’s Flexicore® closet augers are made of two layers of tempered spring steel coiled tightly over a core of 49-strand wire rope – for remarkable resistance to kinking.

You should also consider getting a telescoping Teletube® auger. If you’ve ever had to remove a bowl because the stoppage was in the line just beyond the toilet, you’ll know why. The telescoping auger hides an extra three feet of cable in the handle. Then when you need it, you just push a button and the extra length of cable slides right out.


You’ve got an option of a flexible down head that helps guide the cable around tight bends in older bowls. Most low-flow bowls are easier to get through with a regular spring head.

Consumer grade closet augers, available in hardware stores and home centers, use a hollow snake that can kink easily. As a drain cleaning professional, you should be using a professional grade closet auger with multiple layer inner core cable to resist kinking and abuse. They are available through most plumbing supply houses.

Consider getting a closet auger bag as well. It puts an end to dragging dripping wet closet augers though homes, hospitals, and offices. It keeps the closet auger contained and out-of-sight when carried to and from jobs. And it’s more professional than a garbage bag.

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