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New Snake-Oil Plus From General Pipe Cleaners Preserves & Protects Sewer Cables & Other Equipment


Reformulated Snake Oil Plus from General Pipe Cleaners offers enhanced protection of drain cleaning cables and machines – and can extend the life of your other equipment, as well!

It features the same rust-inhibiting properties and pleasant lemon scent of original Snake-Oil. But General’s improved non-toxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable formula also creates virtually non-stick surfaces – keeping mud and debris from sticking to cables, drums, and machines, significantly extending your drain cleaning equipment life.

Better than common lubricants, its special rust inhibitor cuts through moisture, replacing it with a rust-resistant coating. Bearings, feeds, and moving parts last longer. And its deodorizer keeps drain cleaning tools smelling fresh and clean.

Snake Oil Plus can also preserve and protect:

  • Concrete & construction equipment
  • Paint & plumbing tools
  • Lawn & garden machinery
  • And more.

It’s easy to use on drain cleaning machines. Just pour a quantity of Snake-Oil Plus into the drum – and rotate the container to let the oil contact as much cable as possible. Then drain off the excess Snake-Oil Plus – and let the cable air-dry.

Snake-Oil Plus is available in either quart or gallon sizes. The quart size includes a sprayer to make it easier to apply just the right amount to all your other tools. The sprayer is optional on the gallon containers.

For additional information, contact the Drain Brains® at General Pipe Cleaners at 800.245.6200 or 412.771.6300, or visit

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