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Myers Emergency Power Systems Introduces Micro Inverters for Emergency Lighting

Micro Inverters

Myers Emergency Power Systems (EPS), a leading designer and manufacturer of backup power solutions, announced the introduction of the Illuminator LVU Series of micro inverters. The inverters provide emergency power to illuminate the path of egress using existing interior and exterior lighting products during critical power outages. This eliminates the need for typical unsightly emergency lighting products, while reducing the overall operating, maintenance and initial product costs of emergency lighting systems.

“Our micro inverter products empower architects, engineers and building owners to fulfill emergency lighting requirements by using existing lighting products, so they don’t have to comprise the aesthetic design intent of the space,” said John Daly, chief executive officer, Myers EPS. “In addition, our plenum-rated micro inverters feature our advanced Pure Sine Wave technology, providing high efficiencies, saving customers on overall emergency lighting operating costs.”

Myers EPS Illuminator LVU micro inverters can be discreetly wall-mounted or installed in the ceiling in any direction and are wired directly to multiple lighting luminaires versus installing individual battery packs to lighting products, saving building owners on initial product costs. They can be remote mounted at virtually any distance from the existing lighting fixture, depending on the wire selected, making path of egress code requirements easy and convenient.

In addition, the micro inverters allow automatic monthly and yearly testing, saving thousands of dollars over the lifetime of an installation, while keeping maintenance professionals from having to step foot on a ladder, reducing liability. The LVU micro inverters also allow all luminaires to run at full lumen output during a power outage. Unlike battery packs, the photometric calculations are identical whether the unit is in normal or emergency use.

Micro Inverters

The micro inverters are designed with Myers EPS’ advanced Pure Sine Wave technology, providing direct AC power to all lighting sources including LED, fluorescent and incandescent. The technology provides industry-leading efficiencies, allowing the micro inverters to run cool, eliminating the need for fans and reducing the overall operating costs of emergency lighting systems.

In addition, the Pure Sine Wave technology guarantees 250-millisecond transfer time compared to the average eight-second delay from a generator, an important characteristic in medical facilities, schools and other applications that can’t afford long disruptions in power.

Myers EPS micro inverters are easy to specify with an ultra-wide load power factor (PF) range of .5 leading to .5 lagging, offering unmatched compatibility compared to most inverters that have a narrow PF range. The products are ideal for both new construction and retrofit applications.

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About Myers Emergency Power Systems (EPS)
Myers EPS is a leading designer and manufacturer of backup power solutions for emergency lighting and uninterrupted power supply systems for the cable, traffic, and rail end markets. Myers EPS’ products include centralized, mini and micro inverters, which supply power to critical end markets during an outage. Headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the company is the leader in the centralized emergency lighting inverter segment and is well-positioned for high growth in micro inverters and other segments.