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Quick Fitting Expands Stainless Steel Products

Stainless Steel

Quick Fitting, a leading manufacturer of quick connection technology for plumbing, electrical, industrial, municipal, and OEM applications, announces the expansion of its industry-leading stainless steel products. The products’ new larger sizes – ranging from 1/2 inch to two inches – make them suitable for a variety of commercial capabilities and industrial applications. Quick Fitting’s rugged, corrosion resistant, and reusable stainless steel is a superior choice, as their R&D, engineering, and lab testing capabilities lead to higher quality parts that are backed by an industry-leading 75 year warranty.

Quick Fitting’s 304 stainless steel forged body delivers to customers a higher-strength fitting forged from a harder metal than traditional brass and copper fittings. It is additionally more corrosion resistant making it ideal for irrigation and other agricultural applications, such as hydroponics and chemical transfer, as well as a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

“Quick Fitting’s patented-design, machined and pressed retainer, enables higher pressure containment and longer-life than commodity, competitive products manufactured using traditional coining metalworking processes,” said Matt Boucher, CEO of Quick Fitting. Quick Fitting’s unique and patented machined-edge design is of particular benefit with these new products because stainless steel is a harder metal and therefore difficult to coin without introducing micro-fracturing, brittleness, and other weaknesses into the fittings that could result in failures over time. Quick Fitting’s patented release tool, SlipClip, also makes it easier to release pipes from fittings.

The grip rings contained within Quick Fitting’s push to connect plumbing fittings are self-centering, require lower insertion force for the tube or pipe, and help ensure complete and correct installation. Recognizing the importance of this crucial component of its fittings, Quick Fitting manufactures them in the USA at its facilities in Rhode Island so that it can ensure the highest quality in the industry.

Certified by IAPMO, ASSE, and NSF standards, Quick Fitting’s stainless steel is approved by plumbing codes for use in commercial and residential applications, including hot and cold portable water systems and hydronic heating systems. Being NSF 61 and NSF 372 certified, these products comply with lead-free requirements for the Safe Drinking Water Act. Notably, stainless steel fittings do not add lead or any other contaminants to drinking water that could cause adverse health effects. Stainless steel’s 0% lead content makes it unique among fittings that are made from other materials, such as brass, which all have traces of lead.

Quick Fitting manufactures professional-grade quick connection technology that provides customers with products that are designed and built better. Its stainless steel products come with a 75-year warranty program that offers customers peace of mind that the products will last. For more information about Quick Fitting’s stainless steel products, visit

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