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STI’s No Touch Button Prevents the Spread of Germs


  1. No hand sanitizer, no worries. STI announces their Universal Touch Free Button with NoTouch® technology helps eliminate the spread of germs in medical facilities or any public building with high traffic areas.

With the increasing news and concern regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, decreasing the spread of germs is of utmost concern and importance.

STI’s Universal Touch Free Button allows a user to exit a protected door without the touch of a button. To exit, a person must simply wave their hand in front of the device. The infrared will recognize the motion and unlatch the time adjustable door.

Ready to assemble out of box, the button kit includes multiple color options and is easily installed within minutes on site. No touch button has one set of Form “C” contacts @ 1A 24 VDC. The faceplate is constructed of cast aluminum, allowing it to take tough knocks in stride, and is slightly oversized to cover old plate installation marks.

A Universal Button (UB-1), 2” Universal Button (UB-2), Universal Pneumatic Button (UB-1PN), and a 2” Universal Pneumatic Button (UB-2PN) are also available.

For more information on STI Universal Touch Free Button (UB-1TF) or the entire Stopper® Line, call 248.673.9898, fax 248.673.1246, email or visit STI’s address is: 2306 Airport Road, Waterford, MI 48327-1209.