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Thermostat Protective Cover with Key Lock Helps Prevent Tampering


With summer in full swing, is one person too hot and another too cold? Do you find visitors tamper with the building’s thermostat when no one is looking? STI has the solution to protect against the rising cost of utility bills.

Thermostat Protector with key lock helps protect thermostats and energy sensors. The cover mounts directly over the unit to prevent unwanted access yet allows authorized use with the provided key.

Molded of clear, 1/8-inch thick, heavy-duty polycarbonate material. With its superior construction, this cover is recommended for areas where abuse is a problem. This may include vandalism, accidental damage or costly annoying tampering by staff, clients, customers or students. The cover is especially useful for thermostats located in waiting rooms, break rooms, restaurants, cafeterias or any other public area.

Holes in the frame allow air to circulate freely for proper operation of protected thermostats, and an inner wall prevents tampering with dials and levers. Thermostat Protector is quick and easy to install and is for flush mounted applications. Many sizes available.

For more information on STI Thermostat Protectors (STI-9105 series), or the entire Stopper® Line, call 248.673.9898, fax 248.673.1246, email or visit STI’s address is: 2306 Airport Road, Waterford, MI 48327-1209.