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Stucchi Eliminates Catastrophic Damage to Waste Compactors


Stucchi announced today that the company has developed a patented Compactor Break Away Safety System or C-BASS, that mitigates the risks associated with servicing self-contained compactors by preventing catastrophic damage from accidental drive-off errors. The C-BASS system is a result of Stucchi’s 60+ years of designing and manufacturing some of the industry’s best hydraulic coupling solutions.

The C-BASS system is unique because of its patented dual axle swivel bracket that allows for breakaway at any angle when hydraulic hoses are unexpectedly pulled apart from self-contained trash compactors. The C-BASS system was developed to ensure safety by preventing potential life-threatening injuries, to improve efficiency by protecting hydraulic and electrical equipment, to eliminate environmental issues from hydraulic oil spills, and to increase productivity by preventing downtime due to expensive repairs.

Valued C-BASS client, Flood Brothers, had this to say about their experience with the C-BASS system: “A drive off error is dangerous, costly and bad for business with even one occurrence being one too many. We find that a hauler with a fleet of about 100 compactors experiences this error 13 times per year on average, at a cost of anywhere between $500 to $5000 per occurrence.” Adding, “Just one occurrence pays for itself. Flood Brothers has already prevented a drive-off occurrence and had a driver say, “thank goodness you installed that!”. By installing the C-BASS on their self-contained compactors, they protected their customer, equipment, and their reputation. As Bill Flood puts it, “C-BASS is worth every penny.”


The patented solution was designed specifically for self-contained compactors with hydraulic couplers mounted in a dual axis base, designed to swivel, and disconnect without damage when pulled unexpectedly at any angle. When a driver forgets to disconnect the hydraulic couplings, the C-BASS system will break away with a clean, leak-free disconnection that does not damage any equipment, providing risk mitigation against all potential damages. Just one incident gives immediate ROI and protects important business relationships.

“At Stucchi, we are never satisfied with the status quo, or the way things are. We see every challenge as an opportunity for improvement. The biggest gratification for us with C-BASS is making the process safer, for the environment, our customers, and others. Providing quality products on-time – anyone can do that. We focus on improving your process, with innovative ideas that change the industry.” – Scott Rolston, President of Stucchi, Inc.

Stucchi partners with waste service companies to help you perform cost / benefit analysis to determine true ROI. Our C-BASS Compactor Break Away Safety System provides risk mitigation against costly damages and safety issues. Contact us to learn how this innovative solution adds value to your operations while improving customer retention and total customer satisfaction. To learn more about the C-BASS system visit