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UV Resources’ Germicidal UV-C Fixture Kills Airborne Viruses and Bacteria


The powerful GLO 150 Upper-Room Germicidal UV Fixture from UV Resources uses an exclusive, high spectral parabolic reflector to maximize the ultraviolet-C (UV-C) energy output, offering facility managers greater coverage and lower costs.

Designed to guard against airborne bacteria and viruses, the high-output upper-room UV-C fixture is ideal for applications up to 150-square-feet, including primary care examination rooms, treatment suites, dental offices, restrooms or veterinary exam areas.

The primary objective of upper-room UV-C fixtures is to interrupt the transmission of airborne infectious diseases. The fixture is useful anywhere there is a threat of infectious diseases – including surgical suites, customer waiting areas, as well as homeless shelters, jails and prisons.

Operating 24 hours a day, these wall-mounted fixtures use ultraviolet light in the 254-nm germicidal C-band wavelength to kill all known microorganisms – including bacteria, viruses and other pathogens – in under a second. These upper-room units are effective against airborne viruses and bacteria, including chickenpox, measles, mumps, varicella, TB and cold viruses.

The new unit leverages the same airstream disinfection technology as the company’s original large-scale upper-room fixture, capable of protecting a 15-foot x 15-foot area or up to
225-square-feet from airborne microorganisms.

How Upper—Room UV-C Works
Typically installed on a wall at a height above seven-feet or above, the UV-C light fixture employs special louvers to direct the germicidal irradiation at an upward angle and outward to create an intense zone of UV-C in the upper-room while minimizing the dosage in the lower (occupied) portion of the area.

As convection or mechanical air currents lift communicable airborne agents into a room’s upper-region, they are exposed to the germicidal UV-C wavelength, which breaks the bacteria or virus DNA chain rendering it incapable of reproducing.

Because people generate many of the infectious airborne pathogens (which fall out or plate out onto equipment surfaces and floors) in a space, these upper-room systems are very effective at killing in-room, airborne microorganisms. Studies have shown that upper air UV-C units can translate to the equivalent of 10 to 16 ACH (air changes per hour).

Other key features of the GLO 150 Upper-Room Fixture include:

  • Adjustable mounting bracket to make installation easy and to fine-tune the fixture’s UV intensity zone angle. This is especially useful for rooms with low ceiling height to help minimize the UV-C energy from entering into the lower (occupied) room environment.
  • User-friendly plug-in cord electrical connection (does not require a hardwire connection).
  • 170-degree horizontal angle of irradiance, for the widest and highest output UV-C zone of all competitive models available.
  • High-efficiency off-the-shelf T5 UV-C lamp delivers the necessary dosage to kill target microbes.

Maximum UV-C Output
The GLO 150 Upper-Room UV-C Fixture can yield increased levels of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation through its exclusive, computer designed, high spectral Alanod aluminum reflector that helps to significantly reduce internal UV energy losses. Because of its unique louver design, the new UV fixture also offers a 170-degree horizontal angle of irradiance, for the widest and highest output UV-C zone of all competitive models available.

According to the manufacturer, the new GLO 150 upper-room UV fixture exceeds the performance guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for hospital and healthcare applications.

The powerful GLO 150 Upper-Room Germicidal UV Fixture from UV Resources kills airborne viruses and bacteria for efficient and affordable small space infection control. The fixture’s exclusive, high spectral reflector maximizes the ultraviolet-C (UV-C) energy output, making it ideal for spaces up to 150-square-feet, including primary care examination rooms, dental offices or veterinary clinics. Operating 24/7/365, the high-output fixture inactivates exposed microbes in under a second, including measles, mumps, TB and cold viruses when exposed to UV-C energy. For more information, call 877.884.4822, or email at

About UV Resources
UV Resources is a leader in the education, design and innovative engineering of ultraviolet-C equipment for a variety of commercial, healthcare, government and residential HVACR applications. In addition to developing new and unique UV products for specific applications, UVR team members were among the first to develop modern sizing and efficacy software for air conveyance systems and consult with both OEM and government-sponsored, UV-related entities. UVR is an active member of ASHRAE, the Illumination Engineering Society (IES), and the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA). For more information, call 877. 884.4822; or visit