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Maximizing ROI: Transforming Healthcare Infrastructure

In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, the imperative to maximize ROI while ensuring sustainability and operational efficiency has never been more pronounced. And so, facility managers confront a formidable challenge: how to effectively demonstrate the tangible benefits of infrastructure upgrades.


Building Materials

Building Materials Matter: Strategies for Improved IAQ

IAQ has recently become a pressing priority as studies indicate that it can be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. This stark statistic makes it very clear that for facility managers understanding and improving IAQ is vital for ensuring the health, comfort, and productivity of building occupants.


Warehouse Safety

10 Easy Tips To Increase Warehouse Safety

Insufficient safety measures in warehouse and distribution centers can have severe repercussions, including injuries, downtime, product losses, property damages, and potential legal actions. Of particular concern are accidents involving collisions between forklifts or other vehicles and employees or visitors.



Extraordinary Insights Mined Through Data

Today, institutional facilities professionals as well as industry OEMs use sophisticated equipment to track and report data. This data can be collected while measuring and testing raw materials, in-process components, and finished products, whether on the manufacturing plant floor, onsite, or in the field.


Smart Pool

Automate Your Swim: Smart Pool Solutions for Convenience

Technology integration for operational efficiency is paramount in facilities management. Smart pool technology stands at the forefront of this evolution, offering a myriad of benefits. Let’s dive into the world of smart pool solutions, emphasizing their significance in contemporary facilities management.



PVC Versus Cast Iron Piping

If you’re building a commercial structure, there are several different types of plumbing pipes to choose from. The most common of these are PVC and cast iron. While these are the most common materials used in the commercial plumbing industry, it’s important to know which one is right for you.


Connected Access

Connected Access for All: Best vs. Common Practices

Today more than ever, facility managers are challenged to figure out how to best deploy mobile access within a building, so that smart devices can be used to unlock places, spaces, and things within a facility. It’s a timely topic, especially with connected access now available across all major mobile device platforms.



Maximizing HVAC Efficiency: The Role of Destratification Fans

Effective management of indoor temperatures while minimizing energy consumption is a constant priority for facility managers across various industries. Temperature stratification presents a significant challenge for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Destratification fans offer a practical solution



Surface Preparation for Facilities Managers

During the construction or renovation of any facility there is one important consideration that affects all parties – the type of covering required. Facilities managers should receive a detailed brief from the building owner before contacting the coating manufacturer for the best advice regarding floor coverings.



Happiness by Design

As facility leaders, you have immense power to improve employee productivity and organizational performance by strategically using the physical environment. The spaces our teams occupy for 40+ hours each week are not neutral. They can profoundly impact wellbeing, engagement, and communication daily.