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Prepping K-12 Schools for Multipurpose Use Year-Round

The term K-12 facilities is synonymous with places of learning. However, it’s becoming clear that they can be used for more than classroom instruction. From updating the HVAC systems to retrofitting existing systems, it’s paramount that school facilities take steps to ensure they are providing clean air to breathe.


Air Quality

Breathing Easier: Air Filtration Innovation Improves Air Quality

A surge in the frequency and duration of wildfires around the globe has become increasingly problematic. One of the most concerning issues is the widespread smoke that they produce. A new filtration technology removes smoke by actively attracting and capturing the smoke particles from the indoor air.



Unique Radiant Snow and Ice Melting Applications

If you’ve been in the radiant world for a while you’re no doubt familiar with the standard snow and ice melting systems for commercial applications. This article features unique applications where engineers took snow and ice melting to a new level, providing the safety and convenience of the application in a new way.


Access Control

Make It Automatic: Access Control Within Healthcare

For many facilities, access control is focused on points of entry into a building. However, in healthcare settings, it is often necessary to safeguard sensitive materials like patient records, medical supplies and pharmaceuticals or to control and monitor admittance into a wide range of areas.


Water Heater

Winter Water Heater Maintenance Prevents Breakdown

Water heater use tends to increase during the colder months, increasing stress and wear and tear on equipment. During the winter season, it’s especially important that facilities managers are prepared for the risks of equipment failure and take the proper steps to mitigate the risk in advance.


EV Charging

Strategic Planning for Commercial EV Charging: 5-Year Roadmap

Electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining popularity, with more models becoming available and improved technology increasing range; there are now over 160,00 public EV charging ports in the U.S. Adoption is accelerating rapidly, and there are many reasons to start working toward the EV charging transition at your facility.



Commercial Restrooms: Balancing Aesthetics & Practicality

Are you contemplating a restroom revamp for your facility? Creating an environment that not only looks good but also seamlessly integrates user-friendly elements can be a complex undertaking. When it comes to updating restrooms, the challenge lies in marrying aesthetics with practicality.


Heating Systems

What To Consider When Selecting Antifreeze for Heating Systems

As temperatures drop during the winter, the last thing you want is for your property’s plumbing system to freeze and potentially cause extensive damage. Without anti-freeze, residual moisture in plumbing systems can freeze and expand, causing cracks in the pipes, joints, or other fittings in a heating system.



New York Local Law 97: Its Implications & Opportunities

Local Law 97 (LL97), which requires NYC buildings over 25,000 sq.ft. to significantly reduce their carbon emissions, will notably impact higher education campuses in NYC starting next year. There are potential costs to address these requirements and significant fines for noncompliance.


Facilities Management

Sustainable Facilities Management: A Green Roadmap

Amidst the global emphasis on reducing energy consumption and mitigating environmental impact, Facilities Management Sustainability (FMS) has risen as a crucial element in organizational strategy. However, the journey to enhance the sustainability of your buildings and facilities may pose notable challenges.