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Prepare Your K-12 HVAC for Flu Season

It’s no secret that the flu virus can be a headache for school systems. There are several ways leaders can take advantage of the summer to better equip their schools for the fall. From retrofitting equipment to installing upgrades, being proactive can go a long way in providing clean air for students to breathe once summer break is over.


Pipe Supports

All About Plumbing Pipe Supports

When it comes to plumbing systems, proper support for pipes is essential to ensure their longevity and prevent potential failures. Plumbing pipe supports prevent them from sagging, bowing, or breaking due to excessive weight or pressure. This article covers everything you need to know about plumbing pipe supports.



Let’s Join the Pizza Box Revolution

If you are eating more pizza – and having it delivered more often to your home or office – join the crowd. What’s not to like, especially now that we are all addicted to pizza? Well, for facility managers, there are several things not to like. For one thing, they do not like all those pizza boxes tossed into trash cans and filling dumpsters.



CMMS Improves Preventive Maintenance

Computerized maintenance management systems have become an integral part of several businesses. They are a boon when it comes to scheduling preventive maintenance and monitoring performance. Your equipment needs to be maintained well in order to perform to their best ability and CMMS lends a helping hand in achieving that.



Neutralize the Condensate

If your property makes use of high-efficiency, condensing water heaters, boilers or furnaces, you should be treating discharge coming from this equipment with some sort of neutralization in order to neutralize the condensate. That’s the only way to protect your plumbing from the potentially harmful side effects of the condensation process.



Success With 360-Degree Sustainability Reporting

New climate reporting regulations in the will dramatically impact non-financial reporting for publicly traded companies. While these developments are positive trends for verifying environmental claims, they are bringing to light the fact that many businesses are still at the beginning stages of their sustainability journeys.


Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors Stabilize Pressurized Environments

Interior sliding doors can reduce air turbulence when operated correctly, which helps air exchange systems maintain sterile fields as well as limits the amount of cross-contamination between spaces. Both qualities can help improve patient outcomes and enhance the quality of care a medical center can provide.



ESSER Funds Can Protect Your HVAC

From the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 to the rise of RSV in the latter parts of 2022, the use of HVAC solutions to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) in K-12 schools has become a major priority in school districts across the nation. HVAC equipment offers excellent solutions to help prevent the spread of airborne illnesses.



Rethinking Cleaning & Disinfection

Pathogens, like the SARS-CoV-2 virus, aren’t going away, but we can take steps to mitigate their impact. It’s time to rethink cleaning and disinfection in U.S. facilities to reduce our exposure to and spread of harmful pathogens that can cause illness and carry associated costs. Filtered Far UV-C light is a new tool to help facility managers keep students, teachers, healthcare workers, and patients safe.



Looking for Intruder Protection

A school district in Australia wanted to guide its schools and child service facilities on preventing, mitigating, and responding to an intruder threat during operation hours. Fortunately, such incidents are still rare in Australia. However, based on international events, particularly in the United States, administrators know that the past does not indicate what might happen in the future.