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A Tale of Two Masterpieces

To preserve Michelangelo’s frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Carrier engineers developed a masterpiece of their own. In 2014, Carrier installed an innovative HVAC solution at the Sistine Chapel, specially developed to help preserve Michelangelo’s masterpieces against deterioration caused by an increasing number of visitors.



Saniflo Delivers Reliable Drainage at NYC Restaurant

Rather than installing conventional below-floor drainage for a staff washroom, SNC Mechanical opts for a heavy-duty above-floor solution, saving the owners of a midtown Manhattan restaurant roughly $6,000 by avoiding the need to break through concrete. The drainage solution SNC ultimately chose to install was a system made by Saniflo.



DuraLife Lockers® Bring Academy Color & Style

Walk the halls of the latest addition at the Cologne Academy, a charter school in Cologne, Minnesota, and you won’t spot a single metal locker. The halls of the newest addition are adorned with stylish-looking, durable, HDPE (high-density polyethylene) school lockers in blue and yellow, the school colors, thanks to DuraLife Lockers®.



Replacing Field-Erected Towers with Modular

How do you replace aging cooling towers without risking disruption to a plant’s continuous high-volume operation? That was the challenge at a major Midwest automotive manufacturing facility. Automobiles began rolling off the production line in the late ‘90s and the existing cooling towers were due to be replaced.



Heater Design Elevates Skyscraper

To adequately heat a skyscraper, the owner sought an effective way to maintain the aesthetic of the mostly glass building without being obtrusive to its design. Custom convection style heaters from Marley Engineered Products proved to be the solution for elegant, supplemental comfort for heat loss, condensation prevention and continuous warmth throughout the structure.



Smoking Detection System “Pays for Itself” at Resort

Complaints about smoking appeared frequently in Bally’s online reviews. The negative reviews undermined the hotel’s promise of cleanliness and demonstrated how a hotel’s reputation could sustain costly and long-lasting damage from unauthorized smoking. Bally’s turned to FreshAir Sensor to tackle the property’s unauthorized smoking challenges.


Cooling Tower

HDPE Cooling Tower Makes the Grade

Fed up with spending substantial resources on the continuous repair of an aging cooling tower, a large North Carolina-based community college recently opted to replace its failing galvanized-metal unit with an engineered plastic model. In doing so, it realized significant reductions in maintenance costs along with impressive gains in efficiency.



Saniflo Provides Efficient Plumbing Solution

Although Loggerhead Inn and Suites emanates historic charm, the hotel recently needed renovations to accommodate all different types of travelers and price points. Once the renovation to all 29 rooms was completed, problems with the existing, aging cast iron plumbing-drainage infrastructure started to arise.


Apple Wallet

SwiftConnect Helps Firm Launch Apple Wallet Badge App

Bridge Commercial Real Estate, an established player in the U.S. commercial office market that specializes in creating next generation workspaces, set out to reimagine the workplace by offering a connected experience that is highly desirable. BCRE aimed to take a transformative step in its long-term strategy to enable self-service access to office and amenity spaces.



Honeywell Gives Dick’s a Competitive Edge

Dick’s Sporting Goods expanded its Plainfield, Indiana facility from 360,000 square feet to 725,000 square feet. Honeywell developed an implementation plan with minor tie-ins performed at strategic times. The outcome resulted in a brand-new conveyor system in an expanded building with no interruptions to existing operations.