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Smart Building

Smart Building Technology: Shaping 2021

More than half of organizations plan to increase their investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and smart building technology in 2021. Interestingly enough, these business plans are comparable with investment trends that came after the 2010 recession, now likely a result of preparation for the post-pandemic world.


Parking Lots

4 Parking Lot Maintenance Mistakes Made by Facility Managers

Revitalizing the appearance and strength of a parking lot is a top priority for many facility managers this year. After a tumultuous 2020, many are beginning to think about how they can get back into a regular maintenance routine. After all, sealcoating and repairing a parking lot not only beautifies your property, but also keeps patrons safe as they enter and exit a business.


Smoke Detection

Aspirating Smoke Detection Enhances Safety & More

For hotels and resorts, complying with fire safety codes such as NFPA 72 requires annual smoke detection inspection and testing. This can be costly and time consuming with traditional spot smoke detectors located in hard-to-access, high ceiling locations given that testing involves introducing canned smoke into the chamber of each unit.



Restoring Dormant Facilities

As we are slowly approaching the reopening of our economy and the reopening of buildings that have been dormant for a while, we are now starting the painful tasks of getting facilities operational and safe for employees and preparing for more aggressive inspections.



Looking for a New Cleaning Contractor?

On the website of a 40-year-old contract cleaning company, the owner states that his company is “committed to preventing the spread of germs in workplaces and takes special care when disinfecting restrooms.” It would not be surprising today that a comment such as this would be found on just about any cleaning contractor’s website.



Now Is the Time To Audit Your Facility’s Emergency Safety Plan

From COVID-19 to the attack on the U.S. Capitol building, this past year has been a stark reminder to all of us that we must be prepared for the unexpected. During this time, many facilities have realized they are unprepared for issues of this magnitude and lack the tools and capabilities they need to meet any situation that may arise.


Pencil Whipping

The Dangers of Pencil Whipping in Facility Management

Do you remember the last time you had a stack of work-related documents to sign off? Did you read every line carefully before signing, or did you sign them off after barely glancing at the words on each document? Did you confirm that each task was completed? Was there supporting evidence and data to back that up? Careful reflection may show that you skipped a few lines here and there or skipped whole sections altogether.



Smart Moisture Technology Optimizes Quality

In a world full of “smart” devices (i.e., smartphones, smart watches, and smart appliances), such technology is increasingly entering manufacturing and processing in forms like condition monitoring, advanced robotics, and Industrial IoT. On the production floor, “smart” equates with the ability to continually monitor conditions such as product and input moisture content in real-time to optimize quality.



Understanding Your Carpet Life Cycle

Think maintaining a car is different from maintaining a facility’s carpet? You’re right: Maintaining a carpet is more involved and can potentially save you more money in the long run. Why? Commercial carpet installation costs can soar past the $100,000 mark, depending on the size of your space. Despite the differences in maintenance costs, owning a car and caring for a carpet have a few commonalities.



Ensuring the Continuity of Industrial Production

Industrial manufacturers require production reliability and continuity. However, a wide range of conditions can make this challenging – from unexpected emergencies, power grid failures and blackouts to partial plant shutdowns for maintenance, upgrade, replacement, or expansion.